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Your culinary destination in a rural setting.


You are in Combraille
Our B&B is in a small hamlet called Viviers close to Vergheas.

Vergheas is situated on the ancient salt route between Evaux les Bains to Le mont Dore, on the border of the  Auvergne and Limousin regions. The customs officer collected the tolls from all the convoys crossing from one region to another. This beautifully restored, fascinating building is situated in the centre of the village of Vergheas.

At the heart of the village is a 12th century church (registered as an historical monument) which houses a wooden statue of the "majestic virgin", sculpted in the holy land by a shepherd and brought to France by Knights returning from the crusades. This statue, (also a registered historical monument, since early 20th century and crowned in 1963.) was stolen from the church in 1976. The statue was recognised by an antiques dealer from Paris at an auction in Spain in 2002. After restauration the statue was returned to the church, where it is now on display.

The meadows

You are in the countryside.
The house is surrounded by meadows in which the white charolais cattle graze contentedly.

The Pampeluse flows through Vergheas and at the beginning of the last century powered seven watermills. Although they are no longer in commercial use it is possible to visit Moulin Romme, (which is included in the tourist watermill route).  Apart from the mills, Vergheas is known for it's beautiful, unspoiled landscape. There are many well-maintained paths, which are ideal for taking walks to explore the area and enjoy the local flora and fauna.

The farmhouse

You are in an old farmhouse.
Our farmhouse has been sympathetically restored; as we have retained all the original features the rooms are full of character.

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